In the Westing Game, each pair gets a set of clues. The clues help the heirs find Sam Westing in the end. The clues and their respective heirs are:

  • FOR PLAIN GRAIN SHED (Chrisos Theodorakis and Denton Deere)
  • SEA MOUNTAIN AM O (Turtle Wexler and Flora Baumbach)
  • FRUITED PURPLE WAVES FOR SEA (James Hoo and Grace Wexler)
  • HIS N ON TO THEE FOR (Doug Hoo and Theo Theodorakis)
  • SKIES AM SHINING BROTHER (Sandy McSouthers and J.J.Ford)
  • GOOD GRACE FROM HOOD SPACIOUS (Sydelle Pulaski and Angela Wexler)
  • THY BEAUTIFUL WITH MAJESTIES (Berthe Crow and Otis Amber)
  • OF AMERICA AND ABOVE GOD (Jake Wexler and Sun Lin Hoo

All the clues are put together to make:

O beautiful for spacious skies, For am___ waves of grain! For purple mountain majesties Above ___ fruited plain! America! Am_____! God shed his grace on thee! And _____n thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!

Angela and Sydelle are the group that figures this out, but in the end, they guess wrong. Westing's will stated that it is not what you have, but what you don't have that counts.

In the clues, leading to the song, the following are missing: 'ber", "the", "erica", and "crow". Sam Westing was leading to Berthe Erica Crow, his ex-wife he blamed for the death of his daughter, Violet.